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What I Stand For Is What I Stand On

Who We Are 

A group of students from the School of Sustainability in the IDC Herzliya.

During our studies, we were exposed to information and content that changed our worldview and led us to work for a better future.

This year in honor of Earth Day, we decided to open a website to access information to everyone regarding the important environmental issues. We believe increasing awareness will lead to a change.

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Let's talk about earth 

Industrial Smoke

The beginning

Our story started 4.6 billion years ago with the birth of planet Earth. 3.7 billion years ago life began and since Earth became a wonder full of life. The first human like beings appeared only three million years ago and only 1.6 million years ago it came to the realization that we are something different than other beings. This consioucsenn that was developed led humankind to unbelievable achievements, one of them the industrial revolution and more recently the technological revolution. 

This revolutions changed humanity significantly as well as it did Earth. This change keeps increasing with time.

The objective of this site is to raise awareness of the problems caused by humanity and to shed light on the possible solutions to make this world a sustainable one.

How can I help? 

List of associations, companies and various communities dealing with environmental issues in Israel

Want to learn more?

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Environment Pollution

The present

On this page we will present the key issues, click on the link and learn more

Solar Panels on Roof

The change has begun

How we deal and change

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